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LONGEVITY Plasma Cutter Consumables are affordable allowing for plasma cutting to be inexpensive and easy. LONGEVITY plasma cutters feature unique and universal consumables depending on the model of your plasma torch. For example, our Pilot Arc consumables can be located at many locations online or near you.
There are also preset kits with the right LONGEVITY offers a variety of plasma cutter consumable kits that include tips, electrodes, shield cups, and swirl rings also known as gas diffusers that are priced below wholesale or far below leading brand pricing. Our torch consumable kits are tailored perfectly to insure you maximize the use of your consumables. The reason for more affordable consumables is our equipment is direct manufactured, and we do not charge our customers premiums for a well known brand name. LONGEVITY also offers tips on expanding consumable life via our plasma cutting resources section. Also, check out our torch spacers that will allow you to further maximize the consumable life on your LONGEVITY plasma cutter torch.
LONGEVITY offers consumables for plasma cutters in a wide variety of amperages including 40 amp, 50 amp, 60 amp, 70amp, 80 amp, and 100 amp consumables. We also have plasma cutter consumables that go up to 200 amps. We offer consumables for PT-31 Torches, P-60, and P-80 torches as well as other models. Whatever consumable, tip, electrode, swirl ring, gas diffuser, or shield cup you are seeking, be sure to check out for the best prices on plasma cutting consumables.

If you have any questions in selecting the right plasma cutter consumables, please let us know and a representative will assist you. Go to our contact us page.
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